SpyAgent Review

            SpyAgent is computer monitoring software that allows you to monitor PC users. Invisibly monitor chats, emails, programs, website activities, keystrokes, and more. This allows you spy on user in a variety of situations be it employees or children.

How it works:

            SpyAgent works by first getting access to the target computer you want to monitor. From there you run through the installation process & go about setting up your password for the app. The master password gives you access into the control panel of SpyAgent. When you want to begin logging data simply trigger the “Start Monitoring” button & sit back & let the app do the rest.

The settings allows you to hide the SpyAgent app that way the user doesn’t know they’re being monitored. From there you can tweak what you’d like to be logged. Keystrokes, website history,  programs/apps used & more.

At any time you can trigger the app by a keyboard shortcut & then see all of your logs within the app.

Features & Benefits:

SpyAgent has a ton of monitoring features built in such as-

  •  See All Keystrokes They Type
  •     Reveals all Website Visits
  •     Records all Online Searches Performed
  •     See What Programs and Apps They Use
  •     Monitors Social Networking Behaviors
  •     Tracks all File Usage and Printing
  •     Records Online Chat Conversations
  •     Logs Windows Opened and Mouse Clicks
  •     See Every Email They Send and Receive
  •     Logs Internet Traffic Data and Connections
  •     Find out What they Upload and Download
  •     Check How Active (or Inactive) Users Are
  •     Uncovers Secret User Passwords
  •     View Logs Remotely Via Email or FTP
  •     See Everything with Screenshot Recording
  •     Easy Slideshow Screenshot Playback
  •     Capture Webcam and Microphone Activity
  •     View Most Common Behaviors with One Click
  •     Creates Graphical Top 10 Activity Reports
  •     Blocks Unwanted Websites, Apps, and Chats
  •     Receive Instant Behavior Alerts via Email
  •     Quick Log Viewing, Searching, and Filtering
  •     Cloud Access to Settings and Log Delivery
  •     Activity Triggered Smart Logging
  •     Disables Spyware Detectors
  •     Runs in TOTAL STEALTH!

Two main benefits here being the ability to monitor either employees or children. Allowing you to see whats ongoing in a work environment or at home to ensure safety & proper use. More than a monitoring program the app also has a great set of filtering options. Allowing you to block unwanted websites, programs, games and more from use. So you can not only monitor usage but prevent unwanted actions as well.

Overall this software gives a great rundown of whats going on your machines. Knowing what sites are visited, if your employees are really working during work hours, and so on.

System Requirements/Format Support:

System Requirements:

Windows NT4, 200x, XP, Vista, 7, or 8

Pentium Class PC (133mhz or higher)

3MB Hard disk space

Email and Traffic Data Logging not supported for Dialup users

Summary/Overview & Special Coupon:

            If you need tracking or to monitor activities on a windows based PC it doesn’t get better than Spytech’s SpyAgent. The software makes its super easy to monitor all aspects of the computer & apps while maintaining an easy to use UI. The installation process is a breeze & allows for anonymous installation so your target user has 0 idea they’re being monitored. Above all its a great security app for family & employees, giving you the ability to filter sites & block unwanted or explicit content. Making monitoring simple, affordable, and efficient.