There are things you need to do in starting the dropshipping business, these will be the foundation to keep you in faith that you can be success in this dropshipping business.

First of all, before starting this dropshipping business you need to ask yourself a few questions.

What is my passion and is it related to what i want to sell in my store?

This question is really important to be answered, because if you have a passion for example electronics, then you will good at selecting products that relate to the electronics category. You will know what products might be useful for your store’s visitors. You may not follow other successful with categories that you don’t have passion at, for example, stores like fashion, fishing, hunting, outdoors, etc. Why? because when you have no passion, you will have no idea how to select the products to relate to its category, you will randomly put any products, and when they do not sell well, you will be frustrated and lack of motivation to continue. This happens many times because most of the dropshipping business think and treat it as an opportunity business to get rich fast, not as a real business.


Stephanus Lukmanto

Do I have time to do this dropshipping business, and how many hours a day I have to do it?

This question is really important, in doing this business, you need to commit to yourself, if you can not have commitment then, you need to forget to start dropshipping business, because you will just stop, when things getting hard, for example, you have spent $1000 a week, but the sales you get is very low and it can not cover the advertising cost, and you have no faith that the sales will be better, or you have no idea of selling another product, since you have no passion with the products you have selected for your store.

How much money you willing to risk to lose on Facebook Ads?

I have used several ads channel in promoting the products for dropshipping business, like Banner, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Pinterest Ads, for me until now, the most effective is only Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is getting expensive lately because many business use Facebook Ads to promote their business, this cause the auction of competition in ads to be shown is higher, and advertiser need to pay more in order the ads to win the auction.

It is very important that you ask yourself how much you will spend, like $10,000 a month for example. There are so many tips out there showing to get high sales by only spending $5/day on Facebook Ads, I will say that is an absolute lie, it worked back at 2013-2014, not now. Based on my experience if you need your ads to be delivered well to your audience, you will need to spend at minimum $30/day per adset.

The three questions above are the must be answered questions before you really start the dropshipping business.