Macbooster 7 is a great OS X utility that allows you to simply & efficiently speed up your macs performance. It does this through multiple tools such as disk cleaners, virus protection, and other tweaks such as startup item management. All in a clean & simple to use interface.

How it works:

            Macbooster works by providing a full system scan of your macs current status. The results will then breakdown all sorts of info on how you can go about speeding up overall performance from junk files taking up hard drive space to other tweaks that can be adjusted to free up memory etc.

The system cleanup can be done in one swift click or you can also manually click into each category to get a better view of what your removing and or tweaking. Packed with over 7+ tools your bound to find something worth using.

Features & Benefits:

Macbooster has a ton of different features built into the app such as-

  • System Cleanup
  • Security Center
  • Performance Boost
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Startup Optimizer
  • Unistaller
  • Duplicate Finder

and much more

The big benefit of Macbooster is that it provides a ton of tweaks in a central location. Most of these require different utilities either 3rd party or built in while Macbooster eliminates all of that & places it into one app. The app also benefits the user in that it saves you a ton of space with its tools such as the duplicate file finder or ability to fully uninstall apps in a drag/drop process.

All in all it takes certain tweaks within OS X & presents them all neatly for anyone to easily use & boost their overall system.

System Requirements/Device Support:

Requires OS X 10.6 or later

Summary/Overview & Special Coupon:

Simplicity is the key word with IOBits Macbooster app. Placing a ton of great tools to manage & enhance your system performance under one window. You can use it a one click fashion to scan then automatically correct all errors or really dive into the settings to adjust things as needed. The app doesn’t just make your machine respond faster but eliminates large files & unnecessary documents to help you create more space on your mac.

Macbooster amazing UI really sells the whole experience with easy to view gauges on whats ongoing on yours system & explaining each category from security to performance boost. Their security center on that note helps protect your mac from unwanted viruses or malware. Which protects you & your data while making your system run more efficient.

You can buy Macbooster for either one 1 Mac or 5 depending on your needs. Scaling from a Lite Plan at $40 USD (1 Mac), Standard at $60 (3 Macs), and a premium at $90 (5 Macs). Get your free trial at the site today to test drive out what Macbooster can do for your.

Accelerate your OS X based machined while clearing up hard drive space & protecting your computer and data. Easily & efficiently with Macbooster.

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