FlexiSpy is great mobile monitoring software that makes it easy to track potential cheaters, your children, or employees for monitoring purposes. Whether you’re looking out for their safety or just to ensure your employees are using their work-issued devices appropriately FlexiSpy has you covered.

How it works:

FlexiSpy supports multiple devices & has various installation methods for Android or iOS. It works by you taking the target device & installing the tracking software onto the phone from where the software is hidden and the user has 0 idea their data is from there on being monitored.

From there data that is recorded by the phone is sent out at intervals up to your web portal to monitor whats ongoing within FlexiSpy. These settings, of course, can be adjusted all via the web portal preferences.

The dashboard essentially gives an overview of everything being tracked on the device from recent photos to the last GPS location.

Features & Benefits:

FlexiSpy has a ton of monitoring features such as-

  • Call Interception
  • SMS Tracker
  • Cell Phone GPS Tracker
  • Password Cracker
  • Call Log monitoring
  • Photo/Video Monitoring

and over 150+ other monitoring features.

This is all available easily through the web portal. Allowing the admin to essentially decide what has tracked off the target device. Above all, there are a variety of benefits when it comes to FlexiSpy. Hence the name the service is flexible in that you can use it to make sure your children are using their devices appropriately or just to monitor a spouse you make a suspect of cheating.

All of this done completely anonymous to the end user. Setup is a breeze and from there you simply can monitor from the comfort of the web browser.

System Requirements/Device Support:

iOS: FlexiSPY supports all versions up to iOS 8.x

Android: All versions of Android up to and including 5.0.1 are supported.

Blackberry: Supports all Blackberry phones

running on BlackBerry

version 5.0 to 7.1.

Nokia: Supports all Nokia phones

running on Symbian Anna

and Symbian Belle.

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Summary/Overview & Special Coupon:

Overall FlexiSpy is a great solution to your monitoring needs. Giving you the ability to track aspects from recent call logs to messages and GPS events makes monitoring a device simple & easy. For example, if you were to hand down your children first smartphone & want to ensure their safety you can easily set up alerts on the web end to be notified of certain activities.

FlexiSpy makes the monitoring process of a smartphone’s data easy from an installation process that takes but several minutes. Beyond that Flexispy offers a wide variety of support for devices & features from the native OS as well as 3rd party apps like Skype or WhatsApp for example. Beyond this, it has extra features such as the ability to crack passwords on iOS or Android devices in the event you get to a login that has a secured or hidden password/passcode on the device. Also one of the only products available in its space that supports call interception on iOS.

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