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Photo Credit: clintschubert.com
Photo Credit: clintschubert.com

Work From Home | 6 Tips for Freelance Designers

Work from home becoming a freelance designers has become a common choice recently since 5-7 years ago. As we know that there are major web that connecting the freelancer and the buyer like vworker.com, elance.com, odesk.com have a big quantity of projects that the freelancer can bid on, but there are also lots of competitor in who also bidding on it from around the world, so getting a project in the freelance market will not be easy. There are freelancers from low level economy country like India, Pakistan, China, and South America who are willing to do the projects in the market with a very low price, it is ruining the price in the design market. Some of them can deliver a good result, some are just not professional, and usually makes the buyer hate on hiring in the freelance market anymore.

Talking about your decision to quit your job decide to be a freelancer is a big step, and it is a hard make decision to make. The good things is you do not need to go to the office, you can just work from home, and setting up a home office as you have ever dream, but you are lack of job security and you are about entering a war bidding in the freelance market, so here are 6 tips for freelance designer that I would like to share with you.

1. Create and Publish your portfolio

Choose and display your best work from your portfolio and put it on your personal blog or website portfolio. If you do not have it, then you need to make it, because it is important to show how professional, how credible, and how your style of design is.

2. Do Writing in your Blog

Writing is never been easy for some designers, it is another skill that needs to be learned. The purpose of writing on a blog is just show about yourself, who you are, what you do, and to get more credibility and appearance online and offline, it will also help to increase your personal brand and your visibility.

3. Networking

Try to be active joining forum or social media, it will helps your network, put your social media account profile there as well, so they can like, and following you if they think your information is good an helpful for them.

4. Research the Competition

Getting the first project in the freelance market is gonna be tough, because you are competing your bid against lots of freelancer in the world, as i explained, some will ruin the price of the bid. I suggest on you bid on very low price on the first bid to win your first project, at least you will have a job history, and a rating for your profile.

5. Do not Spam

You must read the project description before bidding, do not standardize your proposal, be personal to your buyer, ask when you do not understand the project, and tell them if you have understood and ready to begin the project. Standardizing the proposal will be consider as spamming in some freelance market, even tough creating a personal proposal will take more time to do.

6. Give Your Buyer Great Experience

Giving a great experience to your buyer when he is hiring you is a big must, because this thing is the one that will lid you to another great project, and referral, keep your buyer happy, even though sometimes you will do overwork compare what you are going to earn in your first project. When your buyer is happy, they will ask you to do more, and this time is your time to charge them with your real rate.

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