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source image: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.switched.com/media/2010/05/html5.jpg

What’s The Hype About HTML5

Everywhere I look these days, from technology websites to the new books on internet technologies, there is so much talk about the latest version of hypertext markup language, the HTML5. I took a bit of time to really find out what this hype is all about and these are the hard facts I found.

HTML5 (yes it is written as one word) is the fifth edition of the HTML stand that we have known and used for the past two decades. HTML5 has been designed to support the latest web features like multimedia without the need for extra plugins like Flash. It has a more robust error handling features capable of correctly overriding incorrect syntax for example when an old browser accesses a HTML5 compliant site.

In conjunction with JavaScript, HTML5 specifies some Application Programming Interfaces (API) like canvas element for 2D drawing, video and audio element for timed playback, drag and drop, local storage support and Geolocation to pick the geographic location of a client’s device.

HTML5 is proving to be better than and will soon surpass the popularity of Flash. Firstly because it can everything flash could do, secondly it is platform independent, one size fits all, whether you are a Linux, iOS or Windows user and talking of iOS it is well-known that Apple has never supported Flash. It also supports mobile device browsing. Bearing in mind that Adobe, the Flash developer no longer supports Android, but not to worry, you can still watch YouTube videos on the much faster, lightweight and open HTML5

So much of the sweet talk, in order to benefit fully from HTML5 your web browser must support it. Because it is not yet an endorsed standard, no browser has a 100% support of HTML5 as of now. But with time updates to the browser are made, so the next time your mobile or desktop browser asks you to update, please allow it and experience the power of HTML5.

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