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Web Design Trends in 2013

Keeping updated and innovated will be one of the most important things for all web designers. Web design trends are somehow your reference to keep your work to be acceptable among the clients. Though trends can be something in common, you will always need it as a consideration in creating your web design for the market share. So, here are some web design trends that are predicted to be web design trends in 2013:

1. Responsive Web Design

Coming in the very first place, responsive web design is predicted to be the most trending trend in 2013. It is due to the reason that the web designers will be not able to design a new web design for individual web design anymore. Time and cost are two most reasons after all. In addition, Responsive design is also considered to be more convenient for web designers. Also, it eliminate all problems related to the ability to respond to any size of devices used by the users.


2. Large Button

This is an era of smartphone and tablet. People who access their virtual world will prefer to click the large button on the website than a small text link. Therefore, large buttons are predicted to increase the rank rating from smartphone or tablet users.


3. Vertical Scrolling

Still talking about mobile users, this web design trend is considered to be easy, convenient, and efficient to allow user friendly navigation. Furthermore, for online shop, this will ease the visitors, especially those with mobile gadget to explore the website easily.


4. Social Integration

To increase customers engagement and brand awareness, social integration is thought to be the next web design trend in 2013. As people nowadays cannot be separated from social network, this can be another opportunity to boost your rank.

5. Parallax Scrolling

Web design trend 2013 will be also more lively by the increment of parallax scrolling effects. Parallax scrolling will enable web designers to control the depth of objects on the website they have designed.


6. Designed Typography

Great number of typography variation are already available for web designers, however, in 2013, they have to be more selective and creative in deciding what they use. To make the web to be more fascinating, web designers should boost the web with most creative and beautiful typography. This trend will be inseparable part of 2013 web design trends.


So, prepare yourself to be the best survivor in 2013 web design trends. Keep fresh, keep creative, and keep creating!

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