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Web Design Tools for Beginner (1)

There are a lot of web design tools that a web designer can use. Talking about need, you will need all of them. Yet talking about priority, you will need to start listing it from the most useful one to the less one. However, if you are a beginner in web design, it then becomes a bit confusing to pick which one is important and which one is not important. Also, when you are beginner in web design, you will prefer to use web design tools that will ease you and allow you to use it easily; you are still learning, aren’t you?

So, for beginners, here are the first five web design tools for you, check them out!

1. Bluefish Editor

For beginner, this code editor will be very advantageous since it has no many difference with Dreamweaver or even win, yet, you can get it free, yeah, totally free. Don’t you think that it will save your money? Moreover, with this free tool you can edit any codes from PHP scripts to C++ source code – self-complete suggestions, markers, and debuggers. So, what are you waiting for/

2. Web Developer Toolbar

For a web designer, this is one of the must-have web design tools. This tool will allow you to know any mistakes, error, or broken code while you are doing on it. To use the tool with the most features, it’s better for you to use firefox, though it is also provided with chrome port, yet with limited features.

3. Just Color Picker

So many color picker tools for web design in internet, but for this one, you will have a wide-varied of color values, 3 magnifiers if you work with big screens or images, color lists to assis you picking up and saving the colors you have used, as well as excellent color finder and converter. And remember, this one is also free!


To manipulate or edit the images for your web design, you can choose GIMP a picture and image editor software that allows you to do some tasks such as image retouching and image authoring. In addition, it works for many operating system. So, check it out!

5. Quick Screen Capture

Freely downloaded, this web design tool can add any notes or texts and user defined hot keys in a seconds. Also, it allows you to save them in multiple formats.

Well, those are five important web design tools for beginner. I’ll share more for you in the next article. Happy trying!

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