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5 Ways to Use Facebook Graph Search for Small Business

Facebook just release his new feature, Graph Search. This feature is still on the beta phase, but they have explained the concept and put some video to show what we can do with it. There are 5 ways to use Facebook Graph Search for small business.

1 You can find people who share your interest, it might be very useful when you are trying to start a club, community, and asking them to join, arranging meeting, looking for gym partner, connect with friends or new people to do activities. Small business might need this kind of approach to explore new potential customers, and keeping the loyal customers.

2 Exploring people and brand through photos. When you have a brand for your business, you must want to know, how people feel about your brand, are they love it, hate it? or do they know about your brand, or they don’t at all? with Facebook Graph you might explore people who love your brand for example “Photos people take with Starbucks at New York”

3If you are a restaurant owner, musician, gym, spa, etc, your business will be easier to be found, you just have to make your business page, as great as possible, so people in the area who are looking for something that they need, they might come to your pages, and visit your business.

4 You can explore what your friends like, for example “My friend who like Iron Man” and for sure you can ask them to sell your Iron Man collection, shirt, toy, movie, or even other marvel superheroes character.

5Hiring employee is never been easy, especially with the special skills one, based on the interest in the Facebook, you can go to someones profile, and check on the work that they have done and posted in on Facebook, for example you are looking for designer, most people with this skill like to post their portfolio in their profile.




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