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The Rise of The Microsoft Surface

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Despite so much criticism and competition from all quarters of the technology world; from the freely available open source OS’s to the very high end, almost Martian tech designs from Apple. We can’t deny that Microsoft have struggled to keep the e over 90% market share they hold.

Now a new page has been opened. They joined the tablet PC bandwagon and have unleashed their first baby, The Surface, and it sure packs up a punch. The name itself brings to mind the likes of the Jedi Masters and their Holo Communicators.  I gave it a try to see what the Microsoft Surface brings to this highly competitive table of Tablet computing. Here are the highlights of this technology child.

The design, a big factor perfected by Apple, is for lack of a better word, sweet and cuddly. Made from the VaporMg, this magnesium casing besides being strong, it gives the Surface a stunning and glossy look. The tablet can run on either Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT, the latter is designed to run smoothly on the Tablet however you can only install Software found in the Microsoft Store, everyone has a store these days – duh. But if you want to run the other third party applications like Winamp, VLC, Registry cleaners etc. You should go the Windows 8 way.

You have more than enough room to stretch your legs and arms for it also comes equipped with a 2GB RAM, a pacesetter in the industry, other even the latest iPad can’t afford you this luxury, 1GB default is peanuts. Besides this, the surface offers a storage expansion through the MicroSD slot.

The completely unique features are the kickstand and the touch or type cover. The kickstand comfortably rests the surface on a table or laps. The touch cover is the pressure sensitive keyboard that hooks magnetically to the tablet when needed. The type cover is the same but with physical keys. Both have a gyroscope and accelerometer that decide whether the input is accepted or not, based on the current orientation, so cool.

“Unlike the one port fits all feature of the much beloved iPad, the surface packs a USB 2.0 port, Separate charger and a High Def video out port to connect an extra display unit.”

Well, I am not saying the Surface is now the Master tablet, however it is a good challenger for that position and it’s just a few months old. I cannot also say that this competition in the tablet market is a bad thing, on the contrary. Let them compete, ultimately the consumers are the ones set to benefit. These are not all the features so it’s best if you just give it a try and judge for yourself.


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