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5 Most Web Designers Mistakes at Themeforest


Recently there were so many web design template rejected by Themeforest, most web designers mistakes done especially are in the category HTML site template for business and corporate. Many authors asked why their item got rejected, while they have spent one to two months building it, put so many features there, etc, but what they got after they submitting their product?

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8 Points You Must Concern to Create an Effective Web Design


Instead of merely a visual design, the success of a website also depends on the usability and utility for the visitors.

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5 Things Your Customers Hate and Love about Your e-Commerce Site

Pict. Source: http://qualitywebapps.com

Before talking about 5 things your customers love about your e-commerce site, let’s initially talk about 5 things your customers hate about your e-commerce sites.

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Tips to Create Animated Infographics

malaria infographics

There are many ways to show the contents of your website to your visitors. You could use simple writings, pictures, videos, or even links to other sources and the contents of your websites. But if you would like to show something different, you could use infographics on your website.

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Strategic PHP Tips for Optimal Use

PHP tips

There are several ways the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) function can be optimized. Five of which are often overlooked and most of all, put aside. They range from the expanding the use of CSS, taking advantage of the double quote system, framework, the XDEBUG and last but not least understanding the true power of closure. Here are few php tips for optimal use

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Work From Home | 6 Tips for Freelance Designers

Photo Credit: clintschubert.com

Work from home becoming a freelance designers has become a common choice recently since 5-7 years ago. As we know that there are major web that connecting the freelancer and the buyer like vworker.com, elance.com, odesk.com have a big quantity of projects that the freelancer can bid on

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