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5 Ways to Use Facebook Graph Search for Small Business


Facebook just release his new feature, Graph Search. This feature is still on the beta phase, but they have explained the concept and put some video to show what we can do with it. There are 5 ways to use Facebook Graph Search for small business.

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10 Ipad Mini Benefits for Business and Design

ipad mini

After many years, ipad mini was released to support the needs of businesses and professionals. Obviously, this is good news for entrepreneurs who need a powerful tool. There are many advantages to be gained from this technology. Therefore, let us follow them one by one.

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Facebook Turned Your Subscribers to Followers to Make More Sense


Last year Facebook introduced the "subscribers" feature, letting you follow public updates from people you aren't friends with. It's like twitter followers feature, but maybe Facebook does want it sound different so they name it "subscriber".

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