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Tips to Create Animated Infographics

malaria infographics

There are many ways to show the contents of your website to your visitors. You could use simple writings, pictures, videos, or even links to other sources and the contents of your websites. But if you would like to show something different, you could use infographics on your website.

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Omnibiz – Business Website Template with Responsive Design

Responsive website template for business

Omnibiz is a business website template with responsive design. It has lots of powerful features that you can use to customize the look of your website easily. It is clean and minimal, but you can do lots of customization with its complete features.

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30 Web Designs Inspiration using HTML5

20 Angry birds

I went out and about digging, not for easy gold, oh how I wish it were, but for some of the best web designs inspiration using HTML5. HTML5 is the in thing now in web designs and development platform, though still in its infancy it is set to take over and soon rule over the others. What I found out was that HTML5 combined together with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) has been embraced wholly. CSS3 is a style sheet language that describes the presentation semantics of a web document; it goes hand in hand with HTML5.

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