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Strategic PHP Tips for Optimal Use

There are several ways the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) function can be optimized. Five of which are often overlooked and most of all, put aside. They range from the expanding the use of CSS, taking advantage of the double quote system, framework, the XDEBUG and last but not least understanding the true power of closure. Here are few php tips for optimal use.

Optimizing the Power of CSS with PHP

If LESS or Sass is what you are familiar with these days to add on variables to your webpage, you need to note that the PHP can also play a crucial role in adding style. The CSS is mainly used to create the style of the web pages. Adding the style of your webpage as well as synchronizing the content to it is a delicate process. Through PHP this function can be accomplished a lot easier. Here is how: replace the .css with .php to start with. Once you have referred to style.php don’t forget to set the content
–type to CSS. Only after this is done can you set and add-on variables that you like. The PHP in this context will make sure that the variables are laid out before you, enlisted ready to put to function.

The Single vs. Double Quote Debate

Depending on what you use the single quote versus the double quote has driven a large question mark debating upon which out-benefits the other. In terms of optimization, it is often debated that the single quote is better in maintaining the least risks and the best results. Of precision is what you are after then the single quote would do the job. The double quote
mechanism also consumes more time as the double quotes automatically checks for variables.

Get to Know Framework Features like Laravel or Fuel PHP

If programming for quite some time has been a pain for you, you may have forgotten frameworks of Laravel or Fuel PHP. Laravel as a start puts forward simple efforts with expressive and generous results. If this is how you want programming to be, you can definitely give it a try. Creativity is supported through syntaxes that are expressive. Fuel PHP on the other hand offers the feature of presentation models allowing you the best of control and view functions. The router based approach is also available.

Put XDEBUG to Function

As the name suggests, debugging means to deduct the amount of bugs that are within your system. Bugs are also a sign of defect therefore is to be eliminated. This can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools for the task. Put to functioning the XDEBUG and witness its three functions take form: displays the detail of the variable, identify the breaking point and get rid of it from there on. To search for the [xdebug] you can look it up at ini.php and delete the beginning line of the semicolon. This will add
your debugging power to an amazing rate.

Closure in PHP

Another language-level feature that is used to create variables of no particular function is the closure. The closure feature is often used in Javascript. However this is now presented for PHP users through the 5.3
version. Along with the 5.3 version you can welcome more reasons to use closures. They can be utilized as template device, extending dynamic code, delaying execution, caching and to assure convenience.

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