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A Showcase of Stunning Textured Web Design

A Showcase of Stunning Textured Web Design

When creating a website, texture is great for adding depth to it and making a beautiful design. Using textures properly can increase the user experience of the site, emphasize an important area, and also help guide the user’s eyes towards whatever you want them to be looking at. In this article we are going to cover some textured web design examples.

What is Textured Web Design?

When compared to patterns, textures are bigger, more random, and don’t need to repeat. They can be used as backgrounds, to add depth, or to help give the site different sections. While you might just prefer to use patterns in some of these situations, you should be aware of how textures can be better. Below, you will see examples of some good textured web designs and they should be able to give you some more insight on how to implement them into your own designs.

Why Use Textures Over Patterns?

Well there are a few reasons why textures have become much more popular. The first is because you are able to create any type of texture and implement it directly to your site without need to repeat it. Patterns are usually smaller and need to repeat into a good design. Textures can be made to only repeat once or twice, or just be made big enough to cover a certain area.

The second reason is because textures can be more complex and add much more value to your design. With the more options that you have using textures, you have the opportunity to do much more without risking any part of your design. If you tried to only use patterns, you would be limiting the amount of creativity you can come up with.

The third reason is because it is what is most popular as of right now. If you are trying to keep up with other designers, then learning how to properly use textures is a must. Whether you are a freelancer or work for a company, creating top quality websites is a must, so to ensure that you are not out-designed… keep up with the textures.

So now, here are some example sites that have textures within them.



For a short film, they really did an outstanding job on the website. As you can tell there are a lot of different textures throughout the design. This is a great example for anyone looking to examine a top quality textured website.



This website isn’t as impressive as the others in this showcase, but you still get a good example of how you can use textures.



Hollister is a major clothing company, and like most big clothing companies, there has to be an impressive website that showcases all of their beautifully designed clothes. In this website, you will see plenty of example that will show you great ways to implement textures into your designs. While you might not use all techniques, it’s always good to absorb as many styles as possible.



The textures used in this design are well thought out and make the website provide a fun and unique experience to the users.



This website has textures being used all over the place. While some people might think that this site went a little bit overboard, it still works and can be considered a well design site.



Who doesn’t like a good o’l bottle of cider? You can see that in this example, there isn’t much going on with the site, but they put a lot of texture to make what you can see much more impressive.



Another design website showing a portfolio and other skills. Great usage of textures throughout the site.



This is a very impressive website. As you look around there are many different textures being used to enhance the well designed website.

There are plenty of other examples not only of textured but also of other inspiring web designs out there on the internet. If you want to check out more example, just look it up and you will come up with all types of showcases and tutorials. The best thing to do to improve your designs is to just practice and create as much as possible. After a while, you will start to see major improvements.

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