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Photoshop Plugin WebZap Saves the Designer’s Time

Few days ago friend of mine was telling me about this WebZap photoshop plugin that will save your time as web designer creating mocks up for your clients, well actually he had not tried it at that time. I was interested when he explained how the web zap photoshop plugin would help you when you created a mock up based on the video promotion that he watched, so i just opened my macbook and watch it on my own.

The video and the explanation are very good, WebZap photoshop plugin can increase web designer and web developer speed in creating layouts for the 960 grid in just few clicks. It make the process simpler, assisting you with your workflow, fast idea capturing, and easier for you to do the experiment with the layout of your idea. Usually when creating a mock up you will need to create text box and pasting lorem ipsum, etc, but with this webzap photoshop plugin, the web designer can generate lorem ipsum text that’s already formatted, and it is fit 960 grid perfectly.

Based on what i had watched, i decided to buy this photoshop plugin, it is just $15 and i think it is worth to buy and trying it if it is really working as in the video promotion. The result is, it works perfect as it is promoted, and it is really worth to buy to increase your speed and productivity if you are a web designer. Instead of explaining with a lots of words here, let me share you some of this great photoshop plugin video promotion

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