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Pandora Internet Radio: a Radio with 1.6 Billion Stations

Pandora Internet Radio (also referred as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora), have you ever heard? yap, it’s an automated music recommendation service that is fully available in USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

What’s so cool from Pandora Internet Radio? Its service allows the users to listen the musics or songs they entered. Also, they can give positive or negative feedback for songs or musics played by the service.


In addition, this internet radio also has ability to buy songs or albums to various online retailers. It provides more than 400 different musical attributes in larger groups called focus traits with rhythm syncopation, key tonality, vocal harmonies and instrument proficiency.

And, it becomes so popular among mobile users since it mobile version launch for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. These smartphone users can get it in iTunes App Store. Other versions also are provided for Android, BlackBerry, HP webOS, and Windows Mobile devices.


1.6 billion stations are now available in Pandora Internet Radio, providing over than 1 million songs of 100,000 different artists. Its integration with mobile devices make this internet radio got 13 billion hours of songs listened by million people, 25,000 of which are unique listeners.

How to join it? easy! what you need to do are:

1 Go to Pandora Internet radio and make an account. Like creating account of social media, you will be asked to use your email. You can also provide more information on your profile but it’s not required.

2 Create your channel. After having Pandora account you will be able to make your own channel. You can make as many channel as possible. The channel will play songs by that artist and similar artist.

For exampel: Channel Maroon5-Phil Collins- Jason Mraz-Linkin Park-Dido

3 Vote your content. Give thumbs on your songs. If you like a particular song, and you want to listen it frequently, you have to give thumbs up the song so Pandora will play it frequently. On the other words, the more your like/give it thumbs up, the more frequent it will be played.

4 To avoid the channel playing the same songs, or songs that you are getting bored on, you can give thumbs down on them. Thus, it will stop Pandora to play it on your channel.

With 125 million users around the world, Pandora Internet Radio completes its services by providing the application in almost all smartphones and things like Barnes & Noble’s Nook and the Amazon Kindle.


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