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10 Ipad Mini Benefits for Business and Design

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After many years, ipad mini was released to support the needs of businesses and professionals. Obviously, this is good news for entrepreneurs who need a powerful tool. There are many advantages to be gained from this technology. Therefore, let us follow them one by one.

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5 Best Iphone 5 Apps for Designers


Have you considered iphone 5 apps for designers? A few days ago, the latest product from Apple has been released. There are many people waiting for it for some time. Of course, we’ve made sure that it would be a fierce conversation. Now, the product is already on the market and you can browse all the available features. Therefore, there are several applications that you can choose according to your design needs. Well, let’s check them out.

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The Rise of The Microsoft Surface

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Despite so much criticism and competition from all quarters of the technology world; from the freely available open source OS’s to the very high end, almost Martian tech designs from Apple. We can’t deny that Microsoft have struggled to keep the e over 90% market share they hold.

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No More Free Google Apps


It is quite shocking news, that Google has stopped the free Google apps service only for new user, while the old user still remain free. We all know, that for a long time most of services that is provided by Google are free, from keywords tools, doc, email, analytic, android, etc.

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