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Web Design Trends in 2013


Keeping updated and innovated will be one of the most important things for all web designers. Web design trends are somehow your reference to keep your work to be acceptable among the clients. Though trends can be something in common, you will always need it as a consideration in creating your web design for the market share. So, here are …

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10 Creative Portfolios for Web Designers


Creative portfolios are really important for web designers. It will be not only a sample of your works but also a mean to promote your self, especially for freelance web designers. However, some of us may still have no idea about how to make a cool and creative portfolios for sell up our skills to the clients. So, here are …

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10 Coolest Business Card Designs

yellowblack-business-card (1)

Talking about the coolest business card designs, I want to remind you that it has been already 2013. I mean, it’s time to review and renew your life. You don’t really concern on what the coolest business card designs, may be. But, let me tell you that it’s quite important to build and boost your image as a business man. …

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8 Free ebooks for Web Designers


Free ebooks for web designers can be one of some other important tools for web designer to develop their ability. There are many free ebooks for web designers that you can get through out internet, yet here we provide you 10 free web design related topic e-books that may help you to know web design more. Stay tune! 1. A …

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2013:10 Fresh Resources for Web Designers


Fresh resources are always urgently needed by web designers or developers. In order to keep the web design quality to be as excellent as possible, a web designer or developer must always has up dated application and technology to improve his design. Thus, in this new year 2013, we provide you 10 fresh resources for web designers as well as …

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5 Most Web Designers Mistakes at Themeforest


Recently there were so many web design template rejected by Themeforest, most web designers mistakes done especially are in the category HTML site template for business and corporate. Many authors asked why their item got rejected, while they have spent one to two months building it, put so many features there, etc, but what they got after they submitting their product?

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