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Web Design Software: What to Choose?

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For a web designer, choosing the right web design software does matters. Web design software is used to help a web designer to create the website. So, it’s really important to know what most essential things of a web design software that will assist you to create a great website. Here are five essential things you must consider before picking …

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7 Hottest Qualifications a Freelance Web Designer Must Have

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Freelance Web Designer is one of fun profession a man can have. Every freelancer knows that by being a freelancer you will have no boss and you are the boss, what a cool profession it is! However, being a freelancer as well as freelance web designer means that you have to be ready to compete and survive in a workplace …

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iPhone 6 to be the Next Apple Victory: Will It Happen?


iPhone 6 is coming up. Will it reach its victory at the time? Let’s see! The open battlefield between Samsung and Apple is still on fire, those two manufactures have been struggling to win the market. Some stand by Samsung and some others stand by Apple. However, truth sometimes is so bias that cannot be viewed by people. Here are some facts …

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Pandora Internet Radio: a Radio with 1.6 Billion Stations


Pandora Internet Radio (also referred as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora), have you ever heard? yap, it’s an automated music recommendation service that is fully available in USA, Australia, and New Zealand. What’s so cool from Pandora Internet Radio? Its service allows the users to listen the musics or songs they entered. Also, they can give positive or negative feedback for songs or musics played …

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Easy Breezy File-Sharing via Dropify Web Application


Dropify web application is eventually not a fresh launched file-sharing application. It was founded in May 2011 by Alex Heilmenn. This web application allow you to share more on your Facebook account. What Dropify Can Do? If what you can do with your Facebook account is only sharing a small size of files such as photo or video, by using Dropify …

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