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30 Web Designs Inspiration using HTML5

20 Angry birds

I went out and about digging, not for easy gold, oh how I wish it were, but for some of the best web designs inspiration using HTML5. HTML5 is the in thing now in web designs and development platform, though still in its infancy it is set to take over and soon rule over the others. What I found out was that HTML5 combined together with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) has been embraced wholly. CSS3 is a style sheet language that describes the presentation semantics of a web document; it goes hand in hand with HTML5.

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10 Great Web Designers Resources on November

web design respurces

As a developer or web designer, you need resources to help you perform tasks easily, or to educate you on aspects of web design that you are not familiar with. Take a look at the compilation of 10 web designers resources below for November, and check back for December's list too.

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Online Image Collaboration Made Easy with Marqueed

Marqueed was launched in May of 2012 by John and Zerna Karian, who have worked extensively in graphic design, animation, photography and image retouching. Like many of their professional peers, they have firsthand experience with the perils of accurately and efficiently communicating feedback with a creative team. Their experience inspired a mission of creating an easy and intuitive online tool …

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What’s The Hype About HTML5

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Everywhere I look these days, from technology websites to the new books on internet technologies, there is so much talk about the latest version of hypertext markup language, the HTML5. I took a bit of time to really find out what this hype is all about and these are the hard facts I found.

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New Logo Microsoft on Windows 8 Launching

New logo microsoft

When Microsoft launched its new operating system Windows 8 couple months ago, the world’s attention wasn’t only to the new product but also the fact that on the same event, Microsoft was introducing the new logo

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