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35 Amazing Responsive Jquery Sliders


Long gone are the days when webpages and sites were a bunch of sorry, ugly looking conglomeration of texts and static images. Web designers have been on their toes ever since, devising ways to make smarter designs for modern sites that makes navigating, a walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day.

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15 Great Website Design Inspirations of the Day


Looking for a website design inspirations when creating a website sometimes is not easy, there are lots of information in the google that you can browse and few of them are really useful and inspiring you to start your own website design. As a designer there are elements that we have to understand in designing a website, from UI, colors, layout, and still many more, instead of just being creative and build an impressing design.

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Tips to Create Animated Infographics

malaria infographics

There are many ways to show the contents of your website to your visitors. You could use simple writings, pictures, videos, or even links to other sources and the contents of your websites. But if you would like to show something different, you could use infographics on your website.

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