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5 Most Common Mistakes Made by New Freelance Web Designer

Being a new freelance web designer is not easy. However, there are many advantages you can have if you can finally success to be the true freelance web designers. In fact, compared to the time at which you become an employed web designer, there are more considerations and points you must concern about. So, to avoid any mistakes that may harm your new career as new freelance web designer, here are 5 most common mistakes made by new freelance web designers:

1. Having no Saving

Saving money is always important, whether when you are going to resign from your job or not. However, when you start thinking about leaving your office and starting your own office at home as a new freelance web designer, you must prepare more money. It means that, before you quit working you have already had enough saving just in case you have financial problem in the beginning of your new career as a freelancer.

2. No Filter on Accepting the Projects

Remember, quality is everything when you work as a freelance. You have no image of a good company that back up you. You are alone and has to struggle for your own image. In the beginning of being freelancer, sometimes you will face a hard time getting project from clients, then, when the projects come, you sometimes, kind of taking as many opportunity as possible–without filtering the projects you are able to handle. This can be disaster for your future career. So, be professional, take the projects that you are surely able to handle.

3. Underestimating Contract

What’s a contract for, actually? It’s for the sake of boundaries. What scope of works you have to complete upon a project. When you have to fulfill the deadline. and When the client must complete the payment. Those advantages of contract, however, frequently are forgotten by new freelance web designers. They think that everything is fine, until the troubles come. So, make a contract for every project!

4. No Tracking the Time

A proverb saying that time is money is so true while you are becoming a freelancer. By tracking your time you will know your performance, how long you can finish one particular project, how much money you can earn in a particular interval of time, and how much time you spend in a week when you become a freelancer. So, track your time!

5. Not Focus

After getting some project on particular skill, a new freelance web designer sometimes forget to elevating the skills. They prefer to find another project that require another skill. Yeah, it looks cool, challenging, and optimistic, yet enhancing your main skill will be much more useful to boost your professionalism. So, be wise!

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