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iPhone 6 to be the Next Apple Victory: Will It Happen?

iPhone 6 is coming up. Will it reach its victory at the time? Let’s see!


The open battlefield between Samsung and Apple is still on fire, those two manufactures have been struggling to win the market. Some stand by Samsung and some others stand by Apple. However, truth sometimes is so bias that cannot be viewed by people. Here are some facts that may be able to answer the question of what will iPhone 6 launch will be:

1. No More Cool Things from Apple

Gadget is all about innovation. The more innovation you can make, the more love you’ll get from the users. Recently, Apple seems to give only major innovation, with no more simple-but-fun things for the users.

2. Buyer is the King, yet Seller is the Adviser

What will happen when the competition is getting fierce? the seller have to use the convincing strategy to grab the market. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the seller then will do everything the buyers want. Seller must keep standing still to control the market to want what the seller provides. In fact, it is what is happening now with Apples.

3. The Era of iOS has Ended Already

Forget about iOS, it is considered to be NOT fresh anymore. It’s time to change!

4. Watch out! Samsung and Android are Rocking!

Let’s just compare. Among you, your friends, your colleagues, your family, how many of them holding Apples’ in their hands? See the reviews, read the news, visit the tech web, all you see is Samsung and Android issues. The world is now in Samsung and Android’s fist.

5. When Youth Says that It’s Cool

Who knows the best things at home? mom. Who knows the best car? dad. Who knows the coolest stuff? Youth. Yeah, that’s the easiest way to know what so cool today. Youth, especially teens will be so up to date on the most trending things released. They will also will so amazed with the most shown up symbols, logo, or motto of particular goods or products. So, if you ask them about what so cool about mobile device today, you may forget about Apple.


So, what we can conclude? will Apple get its victory on iPhone 6 after the launch of iPhone 5 and its controversial case with Samsung? Let’s see it immediately. Anyway, don’t you think about the price of them while you compare their specification and facilities that both of them can provide? 

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