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Inspiring Websites: 10 Classy Dark Websites for Beginners

There are many inspiring websites that can be references for beginning web designers. From those websites, the beginning web designers can learn, adapt, and get inspiration to create a better web designs. So, here are 10 classy dark websites that may inspire you:

1. The Old Barber Shop




This is the first inspiring website today. This website uses dark colors for almost all of the design. The Yellow fonts in the middle make it look more classy. So, you may take a look on the whole website to make it clear.

2. Alien Bikes




Ho ho! This is a cool website, isn’t it? With a unique bike and orange color used by the bike part, this website shows a good combination of a classy website. This website is totally Alien!

3. Gold Top Cidar


0268-08_dark_website_design_inspiration_astineastciders (1)


I always love brown, especially when it is combined with black. It somehow results something classic and exclusive, like what you can see from this website. Gold Top Cidar, another classy dark website. Anyway, The drink makes me thirsty.

4. Michelle Charillo




Still, a combination of sepia color and black. The picture that is displayed by not including the head creates such mysterious look on the website and the person herself. Well, you may get inspired from this website.

5. Designers.MX




When it comes on the combination of black and red, it will be hotter and eye-catching. It is what Designer.MX does. This is a real inspiring design website. Check it out!

6. Kansas City CreepFest


0268-17_dark_website_design_inspiration_kansascreepfest (1)


Do you need a creepy dark website inspirations. This one can be your inspiration for another creepy website.

7. Luhse Tea




Does it look a bit vintage? Yeah, I think I’ll be interesting to visit the offline shop if I’m a tea lover. Looking at the website, I’m sure that the owner has a good taste of what he is doing.

8. Founders Fund




For more simple and formal website, this website can be the inspiring website for your serious business like service or law firm. The combination of orange, black and peach colors make this website look so formal though it’s a bit plain.

9. Hiut Denim




Very simple with black and white single big photo, this website looks so exclusive. You may add some eye-catching font colors upon the image.

10. Cultstory




Gadget website will always love for simplicity and modernity. The dominant color of black in this website will allow the owner to boost the sale.

Well, have you got inspired?

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