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Funny Ads and Weird Ads on Facebook that Went Live

Last time when i browsed around on my Facebook, accidentally i found this weird and funny ads on my Facebook. This funny ads was targeted for Indonesian Facebook user, as i can see from the language.

The content of the ads said Men that Women Love as the title of the funny ads, and ” Technique to make thousand women satisfy on bed with the simple technique that will be taught”. The ads used Sam Worthington, the actor of Hollywood, and a unknown woman with an orgasm face, well, it was pretty funny.

“The big question for this funny ads is, how come this ads went alive? and what was the reviewer team of Facebook ads doing? what they had in mind at that time for allowing such this ads.”

We all know that this kind of this ads that relates to sexual content would tempt users to click on it, more over to Indonesian users who are easily scammed by this kind of tempting funny ads. It was absolutely would generate huge clicks with this funny ads.

Looks like Facebook doesn’t really put tight review on the ads like Google does, and will let any ads going live as long as they can make good money on it.

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