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7 Hottest Qualifications a Freelance Web Designer Must Have

Freelance Web Designer is one of fun profession a man can have. Every freelancer knows that by being a freelancer you will have no boss and you are the boss, what a cool profession it is! However, being a freelancer as well as freelance web designer means that you have to be ready to compete and survive in a workplace with no guarantee. No insurance from company, no bonus, no other awards. However, if you can be an outstanding freelancer, you will get more that an employer can get.

So, ready to be an outstanding freelancer? Here are 7 hottest qualifications a freelance web designer must have:

1. Are You Well-Known enough in Social Networking?


Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn are three of those social networking that you join with. When you decide to be a freelance, you have to be able to sell up yourself and market your skill. Nowadays, online profile and portfolio will be one of the most important mean you have to own to sell up yourself.

2. Get in to Online Workplaces


There are many online workplace for freelancers to find the projects. It allows freelancers as well as freelance web designer to offer their services and skills to the clients. You have ODesk, Elance, People in Hour, etc.

3. Be Yourself

First, never create any portfolio with the work experiences or skill you are not expert in. Second, avoid project that you know that it’s out of your skill. Be professional!

4. Keep Elevating Your Value


How to elevate your value? By knowing your client’s bio data before you encounter with them, increasing your ability to have good communication skill with your clients, and of course, keep updating your skill and knowledge that support you focus.

5. Be On Time!


No matter how low is the price that you get from your client. Time is still everything. Completing your project on time will be the plus point for you, a freelancer.

6. Have Your Own Development Server

It’s important to have own development server, especially as freelance web designer. So, you can just sent the progress work url to your client to let them know how their project are being handled.

7. A Clear Contact


Never let your client interest on your work pass just because they are hardly finding you. Provide your clear contact; email, phone number, or address that will easily reached by them. So, every time they need you they can reach you easily. You know, a project comes in any time.

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