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10 Free Online Store Website Templates for You

Are going to start your new online store? Looking for free trial or free template for your online store? or having been bored with your current template of your online store? Here are 10 free online store website templates you may download for your online store:

1. Dream Princess Template Download


This template is suitable for your music store or kids stuff store. The soft and cute design with the caricature characters makes it suitable for building a cute and sweet image for your kids stuff store.

2. Office Template Download


For this one, it has something to do with design service or advertisement. The colorful pictures of coloring pencil creates a cheerful image for your online store.

3. The Bookstore Template Download


A bit gloomy, very simple, and old. This template will be so much suitable for your online book store, especially if you provide non-fiction books for your customers.

4. Camera Template Download


This template is designed for camera online store as we can see on the name. However, this template will be also suitable for your travel agency online store. The theme with the dominant colors of green and white create an image of fresh and free. The picture slides will also allow you to post more pictures of beautiful places you offer to the customers.

5. Free Juicing Template Download


Free Juicing is a  fresh online store HTML5 website that will provide a fresh outlook on your drinks or beverages site. You can also use it for your spa or massage service store.

6. Free Mobile Store Template Download


And for your mobile online store, you may choose Mobilestore PrestaShop Theme/129 that provide you a simple outlook with a complete online store features. or

7. Electronic Template Download


A template that will be suitable for your mobile or electronics store with a more simple design.

8. Rumah Batik Template Download


For fashion online store, Rumah Batik template may be a good choice for you; especially if your store provide some branded product or is kind of boutique. This template provide an elegant and classy outlook for your store.

9. Another Fashion Template Download


Besides, you can also use this template for your fashion online store to provide a more fresh and casual outlook for your store. As you can see, it is more friendly, casual, and fresh, isn’t it?

10. Kitchen Stuff Template Download

9Last but not least, for your kitchen utilities or may be hardware store, you can use this template. The modest design and colors, it will be suitable for your customers which mostly are moms and dads.



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