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Facebook Turned Your Subscribers to Followers to Make More Sense

Source: Techcrunch
Last year Facebook introduced the “subscribers” feature, letting you follow public updates from people you aren’t friends with. It’s like twitter followers feature, but maybe Facebook does want it sound different so they name it “subscriber”.

Since last year, there was nothing much change on the features that really made a big impact on the social network. A change was announced on Wednesday that Facebook turned the “subscribers” to “followers”. I think that followers just make a lot more sense than subscriber, it is more friendly and common, subscribe tend to relate with something commercial like buying, selling, payment, and official promotion.

Facebook turned the subscribe to follower just to change the psychology of their user if i may say. The fact is that “followers” just tested better with Facebook users, apparently. But we still did not know how it will last since nothing new in its features that could really improve the users engagement as twitter does, because twitter focuses on it.

If  a better result from turning “subscriber” to “follower” is not followed by improving the features, i am worried that that good result won’t last long and finally Twitter will still win over Facebook.

So what about you? do you like to click on subscribe button or follow button?

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