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Easy Breezy File-Sharing via Dropify Web Application

Dropify web application is eventually not a fresh launched file-sharing application. It was founded in May 2011 by Alex Heilmenn. This web application allow you to share more on your Facebook account.

What Dropify Can Do? If what you can do with your Facebook account is only sharing a small size of files such as photo or video, by using Dropify web application, you can share files up to 1 GB with your Facebook friends in a real time with leaving no trace. What an application!

How Does It Works? This file-sharing application allows you to share you files by providing downloads such as music via your timelines or newsfeeds on your Facebook account–as well as share your portfolios in your online shop Facebook account. Here are the simple steps you can do to use Dropify web application:

  1. Connect your Facebook account with Dropify web application. 
  2. Upload a file in PDF, Doc, audio or video–remember to make it as attractive as possible.
  3. Complete with some meta data information.
  4. Publish the files or embed it in Facebook.
  5. Finally, everyone who has Facebook account can download it.


Who can use it? Dropify web application provides an amazingly easy way to share files that will be so beneficial for many people. As long as you have Facebook account, musician can share and promote their songs, cinema artists can share their newest clips or shot videos, game developers can also share their newest game applications. In addition, it allows a possibility to go viral since Dropify web application can create an activity feed post when the files are downloaded. Thus, it allows the fast spread of links to files downloaded. Also, since Dropify’s downloads are also compatible with mobiles devices, it will allow you to get more people to possibly access your files. Well, is like everybody in the world is using smartphone today, ain’t they?

Price? The question is then, How could you get Dropify web application? There two Dropify web applications you can have. First, a free version. You can just create the account in Dropify, connect it with your Facebook account, then just use it. Or, second, you can subscribe to it and get more features at $9 to $99 per month.

Subscribing to Dropify web application will give you more access to upload more files with larger file sizes also getting analysis about how your files are performing.

Don’t you want to check it out?

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