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10 Creative Portfolios for Web Designers

Creative portfolios are really important for web designers. It will be not only a sample of your works but also a mean to promote your self, especially for freelance web designers. However, some of us may still have no idea about how to make a cool and creative portfolios for sell up our skills to the clients.

So, here are 10 creative portfolios for web designers:

1. Group94 Web Designer Portfolio


This is the first creative portfolio of web designer with simple design but displayed classy and modern. With its black color base, this can be an inspiring portfolio for you.

2. TheDesignChapel Web Designer Portfolio


Simple and classic, this can be another inspiring web designer portfolio for you.

3. Rob Young Web Designer Portfolio


Laptop and web designer are like inseparable couple, here Rob Young presents a stylish way of presenting his portfolio–it is played by slides. This web designer portfolio also looks young and fresh.

4. Pikaboo Web Designer Portfolio


As a motion graphic studio, Pikaboo has a subtle balance of design, live action and animation portfolio that offers commercials, corporate branding, music videos, short films, as well as network branding. This web designer portfolio can be inspiring for you.

5. CreakTif  Web Designer Portfolio


With more colorful colors and cool design, this web designer portfolio present a modern and cool looks.

6. Paul J Noble Web Designer Portfolio


It seems that you cannot navigate the page, but you can actually look the whole portfolio by using your keyboard arrows.

7. Flash Simple Web Designer Portfolio


Using flash, this web designer portfolio will show your web design skill. You can consider more for this one.

8. Dale Harris Web Designer Portfolio


If you like a darker color choice, this Gothic portfolio can be a good reference for you.

9. StopDesign Web Designer Portfolio


With more details, this web designer portfolio can be your inspiration to create your own creative portfolio.

10. JP33 Web Designer Portfolio


Providing more images, this Web designer portfolio can be another eye catching portfolio for you.

So, have you got inspired of those creative portfolios? Remember that making a portfolio is really essential to support your success in getting your client project. You cannot only sell up your skill by talking or presenting orally in front of the client, for some freelancers, especially web designers, those creative portfolios can be the key to attract a new client. So, be creative and sell up your skill!

source: 1stwebdesigner.com

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