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2013:10 Fresh Resources for Web Designers


Fresh resources are always urgently needed by web designers or developers. In order to keep the web design quality to be as excellent as possible, a web designer or developer must always has up dated application and technology to improve his design. Thus, in this new year 2013, we provide you 10 fresh resources for web designers as well as …

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8 Top Web Design and Development Resources for Beginners


Encompassing a wide range of skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites is one of definitions of Web Design.

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10 Free Online Store Website Templates for You


Are going to start your new online store? Looking for free trial or free template for your online store? or having been bored with your current template of your online store?

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35 Amazing Responsive Jquery Sliders


Long gone are the days when webpages and sites were a bunch of sorry, ugly looking conglomeration of texts and static images. Web designers have been on their toes ever since, devising ways to make smarter designs for modern sites that makes navigating, a walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day.

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Tips to Create Animated Infographics

malaria infographics

There are many ways to show the contents of your website to your visitors. You could use simple writings, pictures, videos, or even links to other sources and the contents of your websites. But if you would like to show something different, you could use infographics on your website.

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10 Great Web Designers Resources on November

web design respurces

As a developer or web designer, you need resources to help you perform tasks easily, or to educate you on aspects of web design that you are not familiar with. Take a look at the compilation of 10 web designers resources below for November, and check back for December's list too.

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What’s The Hype About HTML5

source image: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.switched.com/media/2010/05/html5.jpg

Everywhere I look these days, from technology websites to the new books on internet technologies, there is so much talk about the latest version of hypertext markup language, the HTML5. I took a bit of time to really find out what this hype is all about and these are the hard facts I found.

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Photoshop Plugin WebZap Saves the Designer’s Time


Few days ago friend of mine was telling me about this WebZap photoshop plugin that will save your time as web designer creating mocks up for your clients, well actually he had not tried it at that time. I was interested when he explained how the web zap photoshop plugin would help you when you created a mock up based on the video promotion that he watched, so i just opened my macbook and watch it on my own.

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