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A Showcase of Stunning Textured Web Design


A Showcase of Stunning Textured Web Design When creating a website, texture is great for adding depth to it and making a beautiful design. Using textures properly can increase the user experience of the site, emphasize an important area, and also help guide the user’s eyes towards whatever you want them to be looking at. In this article we are …

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Great Videos to Learn Basic HTML and Css for Beginners


Not all web designer can code their psd design into a live website, usually designers who can create a great concept on web design, weak on html and css, well sometimes, they even can’t understand about it. The way they think mostly is by imagination and put it into visual by drawing in the paper or designing the concept directly …

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5 Best Windows Web Editors for Beginners


Best Windows web editors are the next things I want to share with you, web design beginners. After we talk about the challenges to be a web design beginner, also some tools that may help you to boost your skill, today I want you to know 5 best windows web editors for beginners: 1. Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor   …

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Inspiring Websites: 10 Classy Dark Websites for Beginners


There are many inspiring websites that can be references for beginning web designers. From those websites, the beginning web designers can learn, adapt, and get inspiration to create a better web designs. So, here are 10 classy dark websites that may inspire you: 1. The Old Barber Shop     This is the first inspiring website today. This website uses …

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Web Design Tools for Beginner (2)


So, here I present Web design tools for beginner (2). Have you tried the previous web design tools for beginner I presented in Web Design Tools for Beginner (1)? If yes, I think it’s time for you to check those other web design tools for you, beginning web designer; yet if not, I think you can check it out previously …

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Web Design Tutorials for Beginner: The Hot 7


Starting out is sometimes dilemmatic, including for beginning web designer. However, you can find Web design tutorial for beginner to start building your first web design and improve your skill with advanced skill. So, here are the hot 7 of web design tutorial for beginner. Check them out! 1. Of the Color and Its Importance Color is very essential in …

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Web Design Software: What to Choose?

web building

For a web designer, choosing the right web design software does matters. Web design software is used to help a web designer to create the website. So, it’s really important to know what most essential things of a web design software that will assist you to create a great website. Here are five essential things you must consider before picking …

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Web Design Trends in 2013


Keeping updated and innovated will be one of the most important things for all web designers. Web design trends are somehow your reference to keep your work to be acceptable among the clients. Though trends can be something in common, you will always need it as a consideration in creating your web design for the market share. So, here are …

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10 Creative Portfolios for Web Designers


Creative portfolios are really important for web designers. It will be not only a sample of your works but also a mean to promote your self, especially for freelance web designers. However, some of us may still have no idea about how to make a cool and creative portfolios for sell up our skills to the clients. So, here are …

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8 Free ebooks for Web Designers


Free ebooks for web designers can be one of some other important tools for web designer to develop their ability. There are many free ebooks for web designers that you can get through out internet, yet here we provide you 10 free web design related topic e-books that may help you to know web design more. Stay tune! 1. A …

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