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Inmotion Hosting Review – The Worst Experience


When you are serious about blogging, hosting is become a very crucial thing, it is a vital matter of your blog and your business when you are earning revenue with your traffic. For the last few months ago, i have went to several review about vps hosting company which have good review. There are three main things which were my …

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iPhone 6 to be the Next Apple Victory: Will It Happen?


iPhone 6 is coming up. Will it reach its victory at the time? Let’s see! The open battlefield between Samsung and Apple is still on fire, those two manufactures have been struggling to win the market. Some stand by Samsung and some others stand by Apple. However, truth sometimes is so bias that cannot be viewed by people. Here are some facts …

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Pandora Internet Radio: a Radio with 1.6 Billion Stations


Pandora Internet Radio (also referred as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora), have you ever heard? yap, it’s an automated music recommendation service that is fully available in USA, Australia, and New Zealand. What’s so cool from Pandora Internet Radio? Its service allows the users to listen the musics or songs they entered. Also, they can give positive or negative feedback for songs or musics played …

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Easy Breezy File-Sharing via Dropify Web Application


Dropify web application is eventually not a fresh launched file-sharing application. It was founded in May 2011 by Alex Heilmenn. This web application allow you to share more on your Facebook account. What Dropify Can Do? If what you can do with your Facebook account is only sharing a small size of files such as photo or video, by using Dropify …

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5 Ways to Use Facebook Graph Search for Small Business


Facebook just release his new feature, Graph Search. This feature is still on the beta phase, but they have explained the concept and put some video to show what we can do with it. There are 5 ways to use Facebook Graph Search for small business.

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10 Ipad Mini Benefits for Business and Design

ipad mini

After many years, ipad mini was released to support the needs of businesses and professionals. Obviously, this is good news for entrepreneurs who need a powerful tool. There are many advantages to be gained from this technology. Therefore, let us follow them one by one.

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The Rise of The Microsoft Surface

Source Image: www.hollywoodreporter.com

Despite so much criticism and competition from all quarters of the technology world; from the freely available open source OS’s to the very high end, almost Martian tech designs from Apple. We can’t deny that Microsoft have struggled to keep the e over 90% market share they hold.

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Funny Ads and Weird Ads on Facebook that Went Live

weird facebook ads

The big question for this funny ads is, how come this ads went alive? and what was the reviewer team of Facebook ads doing? what they had in mind at that time for allowing such this ads.

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Facebook Turned Your Subscribers to Followers to Make More Sense


Last year Facebook introduced the "subscribers" feature, letting you follow public updates from people you aren't friends with. It's like twitter followers feature, but maybe Facebook does want it sound different so they name it "subscriber".

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New Logo Microsoft on Windows 8 Launching

New logo microsoft

When Microsoft launched its new operating system Windows 8 couple months ago, the world’s attention wasn’t only to the new product but also the fact that on the same event, Microsoft was introducing the new logo

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