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15 Great Website Design Inspirations of the Day


Looking for a website design inspirations when creating a website sometimes is not easy, there are lots of information in the google that you can browse and few of them are really useful and inspiring you to start your own website design. As a designer there are elements that we have to understand in designing a website, from UI, colors, layout, and still many more, instead of just being creative and build an impressing design.

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30 Web Designs Inspiration using HTML5

20 Angry birds

I went out and about digging, not for easy gold, oh how I wish it were, but for some of the best web designs inspiration using HTML5. HTML5 is the in thing now in web designs and development platform, though still in its infancy it is set to take over and soon rule over the others. What I found out was that HTML5 combined together with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) has been embraced wholly. CSS3 is a style sheet language that describes the presentation semantics of a web document; it goes hand in hand with HTML5.

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