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5 Challenges for Web Design Beginner: Dare to Try?


Starting a new thing is always challenging, moreover for those who likes adventure. Being Web design beginner is one of challenges that can be so adventurous due to the many numbers of web designer that have been already exist today. So, for you, web design beginner, who just enters this new realm, here are five challenges you must face before …

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Beginning Web Designer: Things to Know to Enter the Industry


For a beginning web designer, you cannot deny that the very first time you decide to enter web design industry you must have several questions. A beginning web designer will sometimes also confused about the things or the stages they must do initially before they can totally enter the web design world. However, you must somehow start it from A …

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7 Hottest Qualifications a Freelance Web Designer Must Have

Freelance Switch Work Time Wallpaper 1920X1080

Freelance Web Designer is one of fun profession a man can have. Every freelancer knows that by being a freelancer you will have no boss and you are the boss, what a cool profession it is! However, being a freelancer as well as freelance web designer means that you have to be ready to compete and survive in a workplace …

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iPhone 6 to be the Next Apple Victory: Will It Happen?


iPhone 6 is coming up. Will it reach its victory at the time? Let’s see! The open battlefield between Samsung and Apple is still on fire, those two manufactures have been struggling to win the market. Some stand by Samsung and some others stand by Apple. However, truth sometimes is so bias that cannot be viewed by people. Here are some facts …

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5 Ways to Use Facebook Graph Search for Small Business


Facebook just release his new feature, Graph Search. This feature is still on the beta phase, but they have explained the concept and put some video to show what we can do with it. There are 5 ways to use Facebook Graph Search for small business.

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5 Most Web Designers Mistakes at Themeforest


Recently there were so many web design template rejected by Themeforest, most web designers mistakes done especially are in the category HTML site template for business and corporate. Many authors asked why their item got rejected, while they have spent one to two months building it, put so many features there, etc, but what they got after they submitting their product?

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How To Make Cash with Your Design Seriously


Sell your design online! it might be the issue that i would like to talk about here, if you have never done this before, then you have to start it, once you have finished reading this how to article.

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