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Pandora Internet Radio: a Radio with 1.6 Billion Stations


Pandora Internet Radio (also referred as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora), have you ever heard? yap, it’s an automated music recommendation service that is fully available in USA, Australia, and New Zealand. What’s so cool from Pandora Internet Radio? Its service allows the users to listen the musics or songs they entered. Also, they can give positive or negative feedback for songs or musics played …

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Easy Breezy File-Sharing via Dropify Web Application


Dropify web application is eventually not a fresh launched file-sharing application. It was founded in May 2011 by Alex Heilmenn. This web application allow you to share more on your Facebook account. What Dropify Can Do? If what you can do with your Facebook account is only sharing a small size of files such as photo or video, by using Dropify …

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5 Effective Ipad Mini Apps Must Have in Life


Here are the five effective ipad mini apps must have that can assist you in helping you to write, communicate, finding information, and networking.

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10 Most Useful iPhone Applications for Graphic Designers


For a graphic designer, expressing ideas everywhere at anytime is a need. They never know where and when they can find ideas for their new work. Therefore, they need some application that can assist them accomplishing practically. On the other hand, hundreds of graphic design related applications are available in the application store. But, only few of them are urgently …

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5 Best Iphone 5 Apps for Designers


Have you considered iphone 5 apps for designers? A few days ago, the latest product from Apple has been released. There are many people waiting for it for some time. Of course, we’ve made sure that it would be a fierce conversation. Now, the product is already on the market and you can browse all the available features. Therefore, there are several applications that you can choose according to your design needs. Well, let’s check them out.

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10 iPad Apps Best for Web Designers


The Apple App Store is filled with numerous iPad apps best for one thing or the other. I perused the categories looking for iPad apps best for the modern web designer.

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No More Free Google Apps


It is quite shocking news, that Google has stopped the free Google apps service only for new user, while the old user still remain free. We all know, that for a long time most of services that is provided by Google are free, from keywords tools, doc, email, analytic, android, etc.

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Online Image Collaboration Made Easy with Marqueed


Marqueed.com was launched in May of 2012 by John and Zerna Karian, who have worked extensively in graphic design, animation, photography and image retouching. Like many of their professional peers, they have firsthand experience with the perils of accurately and efficiently communicating feedback with a creative team. Their experience inspired a mission of creating an easy and intuitive online tool …

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