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HighsterMobile Vs Flexispy : Which Best Spy Phone Apps

Recently there are so many many spy phone apps in the market, you must have known about Flexispy, Highstemobile, mSpy, Spymaster, EasySpy, and still many more. Here in this article i would like to compare two spy phone apps Highstermobile and Flexispy, which i think these two mobile phone spy apps are getting huge popularity in the market right now, since these spy phone apps for iphone and android are demanded, and these spy phone apps also works for iPad, android tablet and computer as well.

There are some consideration when people decide to buy the spy phone apps, usually they will consider the features, price, the ease of use which is more about user experience and the support.

Now i would like to show you about the comparison of the features of Flexispy and Highstermobile, here please see the table below:

Features Comparison

Spy on Calls
Listen to live callsYesNo
Record CallsYesYes
VOIP call logsYesYes
Listen to phone surroundingsYesNo
Record phone surroundingsYesNo
Facetime Spy camYesNo
Spy on Message
Read SMS messageYesYes
Read MMS messageYesNo
Send fake sms messageYesNo
Delete SMS message containing keywordsYesNo
Read EmailsYesYes
Spy on Passwords
Spy on PasscodesYesNo
Spy on Application passwordsYesNo
Spy on Email passwordsYesNo
Spy on GPS
View and Track GPS LocationYesYes
Spy on IM Chats
Facebook MessengerYesNo
Blackberry PinYesNo
Yahoo MessengerYesNo
Google HangoutsYesNo
Spy on Multimedia
Video FilesYesYes
Image FilesYesYes
Audio FilesYesYes
Spy Remotely
Take picture using camerYesYes
Restart DeviceYesNo
Check Device BatteryYesNo
SMS Remote CommandYesNo
Spy on Internet
Web pages viewedYesYes
Spy on Applications
Address bookYesYes
Installed ProgramsYesNo
Program ActivityYesNo
Receive Alerts When
Change Sim cardYesNo
Call specific contactsYesNo
Allert WizardYesNo
Spy in Secret
Hide JailbreakYesYes
Hide SuperSuYesYes
Hide from ApplicationYesYes
Easy to USe
Easy to InstallYesYes
Online Remote CommandsYesNo

As you can see that Flexispy offer more features than the Highstermobile, while actually there are some features that the Highstemobile might have but Flexispy does not have, like monitoring some social media activity, like spying on facebook and instagram, also spying on some messenger like skype and line. Despite those features, Flexispy still have the powerful feature on spying the instan messenger, this spy phone apps claims that it is the only apps that can spy on 13 instant messenger.

Price Comparison

Highstermobile offer in one price which $69.99 with no monthly fees or hidden cost, this is like a great deal, and this what makes Highstermobile is popular and people often choose this apps, because you have to pay one time only, and you can use this spy phone apps as long as you like, but i do not think it will last long since they have to pay for the server for uploading your data like photo, video, etc to their server, if you have huge files on what you are spying then it means, they have to provide a bigger server, and please think what if most people are like you, they want to spy on many things of their target phone.

Flexispy offer some price, its price is starting at $68 for 1 month, $99 for 3 months and $149 for 12 months for the PREMIUM service, and it has other package starting at $199 for 3 months and $349 for 12 months for the EXTREME service which have more features.

The Ease of Use Comparison

Flexispy and Highstermobile have almost same user interface, both are well organised, so they are easy to use. You might also want to read and watch the video about Highstermobile and Flexispy you can check it here: How to Install Flexispy and how it works and How to Install Highstermobile and how it works

Support Comparison

Both spy phone apps Flexispy and Highstermobile have good support.


If you are considering to one of the spy phone apps, i hope this article might help you to deciding, both of the spy phone apps have their own advantages in terms of price and features, now it depends on what you need, also depend on your budget as well. If you are not price sensitive and want to have the best features, then it is better to go with Flexispy, but if you have a limited budget to be spent, then better to choose Highstermobile.

Here you can check on their official site for more information Flexispy and HighsterMobile



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