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8 Top Web Design and Development Resources for Beginners

Encompassing a wide range of skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites is one of definitions of Web Design. It is sometimes confusing and a bit scary knowing that this stuff develops so fast day by day; even for professionals. However, as there is always a way if there is a will, some websites and online resources are present to give you a hand to develop your skill; even from the very beginning level.

Here are 8 sites where you can learn and improve your skill and knowledge in web design:

1. W3schools


Offering the most basic lesson of HTML and CSS for the beginner, this site will be the best site for you who want to learn about web design from the very beginning start. This place will provide you a friendly and easy way to know more about how to create a website.

2. Mozilla School of Webcraft


Feeling like entering Hogwarts while visiting this site. But, well, instead of learning a witchcraft, you will learn about how to develop your skill in webcraft–creating your own website from scratch. This site will provide you a free web design courses, including PHP, CSS, and HTML

3. Codecademy


Welcoming with a nice greeting, asking about the candidate of the trainees, this site provides you an attractive learning of web design. They also offer you a network between friends and colleagues that allows you to connect and learn together via their network.

4. Webdesigntuts+


And, if you prefer study independently, you can find enormous number of tutorials about web design and web development for free here.

5. CSS-Tricks


Keeping running with the latest CSS technique, joining with another professional web designers, CSS-Tricks constantly provides the most updated sources of tips, tutorials, and video lessons for web design and web developer for you.

6. Sitepoint


Running a commercial business in selling web design and books, this Australian company also provides some brilliant tutorials about basic knowledge of web design for beginners.

7. Udacity


Led by a professor from Stanford and University of Virginia, this site is suitable for you who wants to learn how to build a simple browser and website in a very short time. Are you interested? Visit the website and get enrolled!

8. Rails for Zombies


Learning while adventuring. This site provides you five zombie adventures. You must pass all levels and finish the exercises  afterward, before you can master the web apps.

So, have you got the one that you’ve been looking for? 

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