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8 Points You Must Concern to Create an Effective Web Design

Instead of merely a visual design, the success of a website also depends on the usability and utility for the visitors. For you, website designers, here are 8 points you must concern to create an effective web design:

1. Easy to access

Never make your visitors think. It means that what you have to do is providing a clear navigation that will minimize the growing of questions due to the system you create. So, create clear and moderate visual clues that will ease your visitors to find the path to the links provided.

2. Don’t bother the users’ patience

Never bother your visitors by asking them to fill up a long form or requirement of their private data.

3. Catch the users’ focus

Since human eye is highly non-linier device, you are suggested to provide images than plain text. However, you can still make the text in bold and colorful.

4. Write effectively

Never write promotional writing, or long text blocks with no images—visitors will ignore them. Since your visitors now are smarter, avoid the words that sound persuading too obviously such as join ‘join with us’ or ‘start now’.

5. Strive for simplicity

Design and visual outlook is important, yet brief and clear information is more required. So, keep your website simple and elegant.

6. Don’t be afraid of white space

White space is useful to help the visitors to perceive information presented on the screen. It also allows them to scan the page and divide the content area into understandable pieces of information. Thus, white space will be much better to choose than another line or grid.

7. Communicate effectively

Through your web design, you are supposed to be able to communicate effectively with the visitors. First, organize your website with a clear and consistent structure—from the screen layout, relationship, and navigability. Second, emphasize simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, and emphasis on the cues and visual elements of your design. The Last, match the presentation with the capability of the target visitors.

8. Test-and-test

For the best result, never be hesitate and reluctant to test your website. After accomplishing it, test the website thoroughly, completely, reasonably. If you have difficulty to analyze it, you can compare it with the other website. Yet, the most important point of it is to measure the usability and utility for the users. Also, make sure that you don’t miss any single trouble-free thing that will decrease your website performance. In short, if you want to have a perfect website, do test it!

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