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8 Free ebooks for Web Designers

Free ebooks for web designers can be one of some other important tools for web designer to develop their ability. There are many free ebooks for web designers that you can get through out internet, yet here we provide you 10 free web design related topic e-books that may help you to know web design more. Stay tune!

1. A Designers’ Guide to a Webfonts Download

Understanding the terms is one important thing in designing website. And this ebook will guide you to know more about terms such as EOT Lite, WOFF, and Comp font.


2. In Defense of Mobile Diversity Download

Such a cool title, isn’t it? This ebook provides you some brief tips to post your iOS design to Android.


3. CMS’ for Designers Download

In this book, Andy Filed includes his screen shots to share his knowledge. With a simple way of delivering the point, this book is visually interesting to learn web design.


4. A Dialect of Our Own Design Download

With Elegant black slides, clean type, and simple illustrations, Simon Collison will invite you to read a simple and striking slide deck with some explanation of his speech in 2011 Interlink Conference in Vancouver. This ebook will guide you to be a creative web designer!


5. Design Your Imagination Download

This free ebooks for web designers will be a complete and comprehensive guide for both beginners and experts. So, don’t be hesitate to download it, even you are a very beginner web designer.


6. Best of Smashing Magazine Download

The most useful, amazing, interesting articles about web design published in Smashing Magazine have been compiled in this ebook. It can be the best resources for your web design sources. In addition, you can get the best articles without buying the magazine.


7. jQuery Succinctly Download

101 page free ebook for web designers about jQuery development, this Syncfusion Inc. book will be your best guide to master the concepts essetial to intermediate as well as advanced web designers. Also, it is written in a short order explanation that will be easy for you.


8. 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web Download

Another free ebook for web designers that will explain and answer your questions related to designing website. This ebook is a must-read-guide for you.


So, If you are a beginners or experts in web design and you need more sources to improve your quality, don’t be hesitate to download those ebooks and get the benefits of them. Happy reading!

content source: webdesignledger.com

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