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5 Things Your Customers Hate and Love about Your e-Commerce Site


Pict. Source: http://qualitywebapps.com
Pict. Source: qualitywebapps.com
Before talking about 5 things your customers love about your e-commerce site, let’s initially talk about 5 things your customers hate about your e-commerce sites.

1. Poor graphic design

First impression is still the first thing you must consider in online business. The very first thing you can do to attract customers to stay in your site and take a look at your products is by presenting an impressive graphic design. It doesn’t have to be gross, yet it must be modern and pleasantly well-designed.

2. No filter to find product

If your online store provides a quite varied kind of products, it is highly recommended that you provide way to filter the products. It will ease the customers to find what they need.

3. Must login to order

Why bother your customers with this complicated procedure if you have a great system of order and transaction. Log in requirement to order may annoy your customers and prevent them to order your product.

4. Too complicated sites

Some people love and are interested in websites with sophisticated design that requires the customers to do this and that. However, some other merely concern about the product and how to order it easily. So, please adjust the design with the targeted customers you expect.

5. No reachable contact

How irritating it is while you are getting into one product but you cannot order it directly, or you have to send personal message to the owner just to make sure that you are serious to order it.


Accordingly, to make your customers love your e-commerce site makes sure that your site contains those 5 following things:

1. Store Image

Emphasize your logo with catching color and cool shape. Create your home page with minimum and classy image or slides.

2. Additional Advantage

Sale, Discount, will mostly work in online store. So, provide special space or image with the highlight of discount of your product. And, other advantages such as free shipping will be another crowd favorite.

Miss Selfridge
Miss Selfridge

3. Payment System

Provide the payment system that you use. The more choices you have the more customers you may get.

4. Contact

Don’t be so pathetic once you decide to have an online store. Provide contact that eases your customers to order or ask about your products, including your facebook, twitter, etc. Well, social media is the world hall today. You can also widen your network there.

5. Trustmark

Make your customers feel safe to shop on your online store with the Trustmark like Verisign, BBB, GeoTrust, TRUSTe, etc.

Miss Selfridge

So, those are things you should know about what your customers hate and love about e-commerce. 

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