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5 Most Web Designers Mistakes at Themeforest

Recently there were so many web design template rejected by Themeforest, most web designers mistakes done especially are in the category HTML site template for business and corporate. Many authors asked why their item got rejected, while they have spent one to two months building it, put so many features there, etc, but what they got after they submitting their product?

it was this message mostly

Unfortunately your submission Template

Additionally, we have some extra feedback for you: Overall, this is a very solid effort. I’m seeing a few issues that will need to be rectified but before that you need a bigger issue first — genericness. Try to make your theme’s design more unique and less simplistic.

A unique design is a key factor for approval. I know it’s frustrating to be rejected citing uniqueness but recently, we’ve gotten a large number items with the same layout and presentation and we have to draw the line somewhere. We reached a point of saturation already.

At this point, we’re only looking for unique variations of this kind of layout. [header, slider, teasers, footer]


Because they ave received too many corporate and business html template with the same style among the authors.

Why it matters to Themeforest as long as they  still can make money by selling them?

Off course it matters, they want to keep their marketplace great with premium template, many variation and unique design, so the visitors and the buyers in their website can get great choices and website templates with high quality unique design.

Most web designers often do these 5 mistakes on ThemeForest

1. Copying other successful web templates design

Most of designers, tend to look what style and what category of the design that makes huge sales on Themeforest, create similar design, with some improvement, adding more features, because they think, it will sell better than the old items that have succeeded in the market.

This approach is not wrong, many new designers will do this way, but this is also why their work rejected, and cause frustration since they have put more times and effort in building it.

2. Do not want to spend money to get more money

Some designers are afraid to spend some money for great pictures to be used in their web templates display, or buying premium plugin to support their works. They want to make huge sales, but they only want to use free resources to reach their dream. Do you think it make sense?

3. Afraid of trying new design

We all know, that creating new design will cost you more time and money if you have employees, and some designers prefer to just create something common that can sell fast in the market. It may be right, but the sales won’t last long, since the design have similar competitors.

4. Afraid to be niche

Being niche doesn’t mean that your market is very limited, most designers choose to design website templates for corporate, business, and creative. Those three category are hot categories, but also very high competitors. Being niche will give you longer sales revenue, for example, like website template, for restaurant, hospitals, politics, health, sport, etc.

5. Do not want to learn and change

I know being rejected is painful, more over if your work is hard rejected by the reviewer of Themeforest. Instead of complaining in the forum, you’d better learn, ask people in forum to give suggestion, so you can have new ideas to improve your design.

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