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30 Web Designs Inspiration using HTML5

I went out and about digging, not for easy gold, oh how I wish it were, but for some of the best web designs inspiration using HTML5. HTML5 is the in thing now in web designs and development platform, though still in its infancy it is set to take over and soon rule over the others. What I found out was that HTML5 combined together with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) has been embraced wholly. CSS3 is a style sheet language that describes the presentation semantics of a web document; it goes hand in hand with HTML5.

There were thousands of beautiful sites, all unique and impressive in their own right. So I just picked 30 that caught my eyes, I am not saying this is the definitive top list, but they are worth checking out. These website list ranges from well-known product and merchandise brands to music sharing sites to online games site, to artist’s portfolios and iPhone app sites.

Here are the 30 creative and beautiful web designs inspiration using HTML5

1. Benthebodyguard.com

2. Apple.com

3. Joeylomanto.com

4. Scratchradio.co.uk

5. Ro.me

6. Twoplayergames247.com

7. Soundcloud.com

8. Slaveryfootprint.com

9. Trip.hr


11. Breadandpepper.com

12. Gforce.be

13. Seesparkbox.com

14. Digitalhands.net

15. Fullstopinteractive.com

16. Johnkavanagh.co.uk

17. Worryfreelabs.com

18. Diablomedia.com

19. Nizoapp.com

20. Angrybirds.com

21. Nikevision.com

22. Flowfestival.com

23. Thelounge.fi

24. Beetle.com
25. Fashionphotography.com

26. 255creative.com

27. Dotfusion.com

28. Kinetic.com

29. Tattoosbyneal.com

30. Superlovers.fr

When you browse through these listed websites you will notice that the graphics, animations and videos are crisp and superb, so my digging was quite pleasurable. Sound too has been greatly incorporated. Now this is what the World Wide Web should be, the HTML5 experience is way up there with the Mars Rovers, tablet computing, the Prius or the Google driverless car but for everyone, thank goodness it came just in time. Mobile versions of some of these websites implementing HTML5 are just as cool.

Welcome HTML5 we love you.

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