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15 Top Everlasting Logo Designs

Everlasting logo designs? yeah, it sounds hyperbole. Yet, it is truly appropriate for those 20 logo designs that have been well-known by the world. What are they?

1. FedEx


Have you ever watched ‘Cast Away’. A movie about an employee of company who was aground in an island. And the company where this man worked was FedEx. FedEx logo was created by Linden Leader & Landor in 1994. This logo hides a right handed arrow that may represent the quality of this fast courier service.

2. Nike


Simple and looks too simple and insignificant, but this logo has been being one of most memorable logo in the world. Who doesn’t know Nike, do you?

3. Coca Cola


Created by John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, in 1885, this logo is also frequently reviewed in linguistic class as a logo that has a great semiotic elements that makes people easily remember it.

4. Walt Disney


Representing a wonderful imagination place, a palace, this logo is also one of the most memorable logo in the world, especially in entertaining realm.

5. Channel 


Double twisted C, that’s all logo is about.

6. Sun Mycrosystem


Developed by Mr Vaughan Pratt – a professor at the famous Stanford University, this logo is an example of good ambigram.

7. Starbucks 


Though the color is not really eye-catching, the two-twist-siren makes this logo well-known very well.

8. McDonald


What do you want if you see the yellow big M on the street billboard? It’s time for the meal! Yeah, this is the very logo of McDonald. So, have you made your delivery order?

9. Adidas


18 August 1949, it’s the day in which this sport clothing company started using this logo.

10. Puma


This black and white logo was starting jumping to the market in 1958. How old is the Puma now?

11. ATT


Modem and other devices is coming from this company.

12. IBM


What logo is that? Ask your kids, and they will confidently say ‘a computer’. This logo was created in 1972 by Paul Rand.

13. Google


What’s so special of this logo? with simple font and colorful, this logo is now well known and maybe the most well known search engine in the world.

14. Apple


Who is founding father of Apply? Steve Job. Who creates the logo? He’s Rob Janoff.

15. Pepsi


This logo will always remind us to something fresh, cold, and soft drink!

So, are those inspire you? Or, what do you think about an everlasting logo. Is it the logo that matters? or the product itself? Well, both are better after all, I think.

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