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10 Most Useful iPhone Applications for Graphic Designers

For a graphic designer, expressing ideas everywhere at anytime is a need. They never know where and when they can find ideas for their new work. Therefore, they need some application that can assist them accomplishing practically. On the other hand, hundreds of graphic design related applications are available in the application store. But, only few of them are urgently useful, what do you think?

As a friendly suggestion, those are 10 most useful–if I may say so–iPhone applications a graphic designer must have:

1. SimpleMind Touch 


SimpleMind Touch is a mind mapping tool that allow you to turn you iPhone touch into an idea collection device. This application is provided in both free and paid version.


2. iBlueSky


Similar with SimpleMind Touch, this iPhone application enable you to collect and organize the ideas at anytime you discover it. Provided in PDF and PNG formats, you can also print it directly from your iPhone.

3. Pallettes Pro


A powerful tool to create and maintain color palettes, this is a cool application to create color schemes anywhere at anytime. Also, it enables you to find matching colors with support for different color schemes.

4. Color Expert


It’s still about color. This application is an interactive color wheel that assist you to identify, capture, translate, and showcase color.

5. Loupe


From your iPhone, this application can capture your color inspiration. It lets you create color swatches from any photo sources to save as you get them.

6. WhatTheFont


To identify the font of any pictures or web graphics, this application will help you to ease your work right from where you are.

7. FinDaFont


This application will allow you to find any font that you need and want.

8. Typography Manual


Containing several useful features and resources, this application has visual type anatomy glossary, a font size ruler, and calculator, and other content to fill a 60-page-book–a hidden magic box for graphic designers.

9. Sketches 2


As ideas come up everywhere at anytime, using this application you can jot down any ideas or thought with your fingers and imagination. This remarkable application will let you transform your ideas into colorful diagrams, notes, and sketches.

10. Paper Sizes


After all, you need an application that will provide you an ideal resource to find the right standard of paper you are going to use to accomplish your design.

Well, wish this post useful for you. Keep creating delightful ideas and never stop imagining.

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