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10 Great Web Designers Resources on November

As a developer or web designer, you need resources to help you perform tasks easily, or to educate you on aspects of web design that you are not familiar with. Take a look at the compilation of 10 web designers resources below for November, and check back for December’s list too.

1. Typicons: This is an online collection of free vector icons that can be connected to different characters. The vector icons make it easier to use icons for varying screen resolutions without changing media queries, without slicing images, changing backgrounds, etc.

2. JQuery drop-down menu tutorials: It’s quite frustrating trying to grasp how to create drop-down menus and finding only complicated and unenlightening tutorials. Worry no more, as Smashing Apps has combined the best tutorials on this topic all in one place for you. You will learn how to create any type or style you want in no time.

3. Responsive navigation tutorials: Switching your website’s layout to a responsive one is complicated enough, and doing the same for the navigation complicates the process. Specky Boy has compiled the top 10 tutorials you need so you won’t have to tediously search for them.

4. Check my colors: Want to determine the contrast of your background colors and other design elements to make sure they are easily distinguishable by readers and to make sure your text is readable? Then try this tool.

5. Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript tutorials: There is practically nothing you may want to learn about JavaScript that you won’t find here. It’s stuffed with beginner-friendly and advanced topics – great for developers.

6. Scripted: This is a new code editor that is thankfully browser-based for those who prefer browser rather than cloud-based editors. CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are all supported.

7. CSS lint: This is an online tool ideal for finding out CSS code problems without difficulty. Check it out now.

8. Asciiflow: Drawing and exporting flow diagrams has become effortless with this tool.

9. Bones: A WordPress theme for theme developers working with WordPress. Use and modify unrestrainedly and as much as you want. It is free by the way.

10. Loads: Page speed is very important and deserves every web designer’s attention. Find out your website’s page speed with this tool. It delivers results from many locations, well in excess of 40. Type in your website’s address to get started.

I hope you will find these resources as useful as I did.

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